After DUI Arrest, These Lovers Banged In The Back Of The Cop Car

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After this couple was pulled over for a DUI arrest, 29-year-old Heather Basten and 33-year-old Travis Husnik were on their way down to the station, when they decided they could no longer resist each other. So they started having sex in the back of the police car, mid-ride.

Slick decision to go full penetration on the fly like that, I respect it.

Many people within the legal system expressed their disappointment in the couple, and thought they should have shown more class.

I’m sorry, but why the shit would you think that? This guy Travis is 33, and looks like he’s 53. He clearly doesn’t have a lot of options for quality sex left in his lifetime, and he’s gotta take what he can get, especially from a young filly like Heather.

via GB Press Gazette and Barstool


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