Afroman Remixes ‘Because I Got High’ To Support Marijuana Legalization

Entertainment, Humor — October 15, 2014 at 10:50 pm by

13 years after “Because I Got High” was released, Afroman is back to educate us on the benefits of marijuana. He’s looking a little rough these days, with a few extra pounds in his midsection and some grey hairs in his goatee. But that’s to be expected with the copious amounts of reefer, malt liquor, and Funyuns that he’s consumed over the years. He’s still got those golden pipes, and the ability to make a catchy tune. He’s got my vote, that’s for damn sure.

To compare and contrast, here’s the original “Because I Got High.”

And here’s “Colt 45.” Just because nothing was more fun in my high school days than getting turnt off Nattys and singing this song at a house party. Woooo good morning, ladies.

via Rolling Stone
cover pic: Hollywood Reporter

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