African Man Rapes Chicken So Hard He Kills It Retaliating To The Murder Of His Own Chicken

Humor, News — March 6, 2015 at 12:29 am by


All Africa– A man committed bestiality with a chicken in Karura sub location, Mwingi West on Monday. Ndanu Mwatha, 22, said the act, that led to the death of the bird, was in retaliation to the killing of his chicken by his employer. Mwatha said his boss did not compensate him. “I could not hold it anymore plus these people undermine me,” he said.

What we have here is a classic case of chicken rape retaliation. You kill this guy’s chicken, he’s gonna fuck yours so hard that it dies. The end. There are no other options. Anyone that disrespects the sanctity of the bond between a man and his pet chicken deserves to have his own fowl raped to death. I do have to feel bad for the chicken involved though. That’s not the way she deserved to go out. No word yet if the chicken-fucker’s facing any jail time.

PS- Call me a bad person, but I’m kind of glad this chicken died after the rape. If I ate an egg with a dude’s sperm in it, I’d have a serious problem with that… I think that’s how it works..? Sorry guys, I never took chicken sex-ed.

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