Adam Schefter Ran A 40-Yard-Dash Almost A Full Second Faster Than Orlando Brown Jr.

Sports and Bets — July 27, 2018 at 3:22 pm by



At the combine this spring, current Ravens tackle Orlando Brown Jr. ran what was an EMBARASSINGLY bad 40 yard dash time.



Now I’ve never run the 40, but me and every other human being alive we’re sitting at home thinking “I could blow that time away.”


Turns out the most unathletic human alive proved us all right:


In khakis too. Woof. Blew Orlando Brown out of the water by almost a full second. I repeat, while wearing khakis, not athletic gear. And don’t give me the whole ‘he’s half the weight’ argument. Brown is a professional athlete, and Schefter’s steps are about a quarter of the length of Brown’s. Bad day for Zeus Jr.


Ps- I think my worst nightmare on planet earth would be that Adam Schefter was better than me athletically at anything. Imagine being a pro athlete and having that be the case. Yikes.





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