Adam Schefter Blatantly Answering His Phone During Live Segments Is What Free Agency Is All About

Sports and Bets — March 10, 2016 at 4:03 am by


Most important man in the free agency game, and he has no shame letting you know. All things go through Schefty. Signings, releases, contract specifics, I’m pretty sure GMs call up Schefter directly to ask him if he thinks they’re making a good deal before they pull the trigger. Schefter at the center of the free agency universe, and we’re all just following along loyally.


Here’s Schefter answering the phone the second his segment starts:

  And then there was the time he texted through his entire segment, and was too busy to even laugh at Werder’s joke:



Schefter’s got no time for anything but breaking news. All business, all day. Not even a live television broadcast will stand in this guy’s way of breaking the top stories to us commoners. Schefty for president.




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