Adam Jones Sums Up The Orioles’ Season As Pretty “F***ing Awesome”

Sports and Bets — October 16, 2014 at 3:53 am by

I don’t want to hear right now about how a good of a season we had. I’m still too bitter from the series sweep. But, obviously, it was a fantastic season. We managed 96 wins, despite resting starters and not giving a shit the last two weeks. We won the AL East by double digits. We swept the Tigers and beat 3 Cy Young winners in the process. We saw stars play like stars, and no namers step up and play big. I guess this season was pretty fucking awesome. It’s just hard to hear it right now. I love Adam Jones, and I love the Orioles. Way to represent Bmore, boys. You brought hope and excitement to this town.

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