Adam Jones Loves The “Take Back The Yard” Idea

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Adam Jones is the man.  Since his trade here from Seattle in 2008, Jones has become an All-Star, a Gold-Glover, and a leader in the Orioles’ clubhouse.  He has completely bought into Buck Showalter’s rebuilding and winning philosophy.  Jones maintains a home here in Baltimore.  He cheers for the Ravens and he has ensconced himself into the community.  Adam Jones is well on his way to becoming the greatest center-fielder in Orioles’ history.  (If he isn’t that guy already.)  So when he says something about the Orioles’ fans it means something, and when he throws back love to Bird Nation, it cements his standing within the community.  He’s a guy who also knows and understands that the Orioles as an organization are rebuilding fan trust and happiness. Here’s what he said about the crowd last night.

“I think the cool part is that, especially when the Yankees are in town or Boston, this stadium is starting to get more orange.”

“Two years ago, we’d see a sea of dark blue, but now it’s a sea of orange.

“Birdland is starting to come out and show us that they are behind us. As a player, that’s awesome.”

It is awesome.

Keep it up Birdland.

Plays Like This Keep Bringing 'Em Back To The Yard

Plays Like This Keep Bringing ‘Em Back To The Yard

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