Adam Jones Is The Ultimate Homie

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Adam Jones was interviewed after the game Tuesday night about Manny’s role in the fight between him and Yordano Ventura. Here’s what Adam had to say, via MASN



MASN– “You throw 100 mph and you are trying to hurt someone intentionally, that is not part of the game,” Jones said. “You see the reaction by his players, they weren’t too happy that (he) did something so stupid. I’m glad for Manny for defending himself. Screw it, defend yourself. Someone is trying to hurt you maliciously, you go out there and defend yourself. I hope the league reviews what happened. When you have a weapon at 100 mph and you don’t have to hit, and you are trying to hurt somebody, that is not part of the game.

“That is just not part of baseball,” Jones said. “If he wants to make it that part of the game, hey, let Major League Baseball handle it. Tonight, Manny handled it himself and I couldn’t be happier for him.

“I knew it was going to happen. The guy has electric stuff and the talent is all there, but between the ears, there is a circuit board off balance. I don’t get it. I don’t get it.

“He wants to be Pedro Martinez. Cool, be Pedro Martinez. Go out there and have a damn sub-2.00 (ERA) like Pedro Martinez. Don’t go out there to hurt somebody, that is what Pedro didn’t do. So hopefully the league catches on to it. I’ve got Manny’s fine and the rest is history. Manny is not at fault for nothing. You get hit with 95 or 98 (mph) and see what you do.”


Adam paying Manny’s fine is such an awesome move. I love the backing Manny has gotten from his teammates.

Unfortunately for Yordano Ventura, he can’t say the same about his team backing him.

Royals’ manager Ned Yost was interviewed and asked whether or not Ventura’s repeated actions of starting fights caused a problem with his own teammates. His response: “Probably. There’s a little frustration when things like this happen, yeah.”



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