Adam Jones Is Talking Sh$T and I Love It

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Adam Jones wasn’t about to buy into the Masahiro Tanaka hype machine.  Before Wednesday night’s O’s/Yanks matchup Jones said this:

Why don’t you ask Tanaka about me? I’m the one who’s been over here in the major leagues for a while. Congratulations, he did it over there. Don’t make it like he’s the dirtiest guy in the world. He was 24-0-in Japan… At the end of the day, we’ve got to judge it off major-league hitters, not the Japanese hitters. We’re a little bit better over here as hitter.

After the game, the Tanaka hype machine was on full blast, despite the fact that the Yankees had lost.  Sure, Tanaka went seven innings and struck out ten, but that wasn’t good enough for the win, Tanaka ended up with a no-decision.  But all anyone wanted to discuss this morning was the Japanese star.  Not the Orioles win, not the Jonathan Schoop 3 run blast, and not the Baltimore ninth inning rally that won the game.  It’s classic Yankee hand-jobbing and it’s annoying to anyone that isn’t a Yankee fan.  (And not everyone is a Yankee fan, no matter what ESPN, SI, and every other major national sports journalism entity would have you believe.)  It’s old, and I’m sick of the pinstripes being constantly shoved down my  freakin’ throat.

Maybe Jones agrees with the ol’ Seabass, because after the game he said this:

Am I [supposed] to go home and say I faced Tanaka tonight? Just go throw a party that I faced Tanaka? It’s another pitcher. Another pitcher in the rotation. Nothing special to me. It’s just another guy that we have to go through to get to where we want to be.

 Boom.  Jones is right, the season’s a grind, it’s April, and Tanaka is just another guy the O’s need to beat in order to win the division.  I love it.  There will be no Yankee ass kissing coming from this city.

This kinda stuff reminds me of sports back in the day, when teams legitimately disliked each other and when guys spoke their minds.  Jones is going old school here and sending notice:  the Birds are in awe of no one, especially those in the way of a pennant.

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