Adam Jones and His Pies Are In Everyone’s Head

Sports and Bets — July 10, 2014 at 10:21 pm by

After seeing this, it’s official, Adam Jones is in every O’s head. Because even when there is no pie, the threat of pie looms.  Nelson Cruz got spooked in his post game interview tonight by this looming threat of pie.  Nelson Cruz, A.L. All-Star and crusher of home runs wasn’t worried about Gary Thorne’s questions, he was worried about an impending attack. When the Oriole Bird bombed Nelson’s post-game interview, Nelson flinched, thinking it was Adam Jones and his face-destined pie, and he turned to try and find the incoming dessert.  But there was no pie and no Jones, just Cruz’s nervous anticipation.


Best be on you toes when you perform well on this squad. Play well and beware the pie….


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