Absolute, Stone-Cold NFL Locks. Week One: Let The Betting Begin.

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The NFL season has begun and we here at Charm City Wire are drunk with excitement….

For the next five to six months the vernacular of the degenerate and the damned will be heard around the office water cooler, in bars across town, and just about anywhere else that more than one football sicko gathers to socialize.  If you want, you can ignore the chatter that these pigskin crazies spew forth and pretend that things like entertainment value and sporting tradition are what make the NFL machine go.  But that’s just foolish talk, it’s gambling that drives the football gravy train, babes, and  there’s really no doubt about that.  We acknowledge and embrace that here at Charm City Wire and we’re more than happy to share our weekly wagers on this site.  Whether that’s worth a shit or not remains to be seen, last year wasn’t pretty here at the office in terms of football wagering, unless your name was The Chode.  That kid was killing college last year and more than holding his own on the pro side of things.

But last year was last year.  Kicking off this season, Babes has said that his handicapping confidence is at an all time high, and The Chode is already hitting at a 66% clip in the college wager game.  As for me, I had my worst year as an NFL bettor last season.  It’s gotta get better this year right?  I hope so, Seabass can’t be sitting behind these youngsters on the gambling bus.

So, without further ado, let’s get serious.  And remember, like The Chode says, “Take these for what you will….”.

Robert De Niro CASINO


We Begin With The Chode

1. Buffalo @ Chicago: 1 PM Sunday

Line: Chicago -6.5

Chode’s Picks: Bills – Pay the Bills this week……

No one circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills, and they will get this season started on the right foot Sunday. The Bills’ Offense with QB E.J. Manuel and a pair of good running backs (C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson) is better than you think. I’m sick of hearing from people about how good Jay Cutler is going to be this year. The Bills are going to shut those Cutler believers up week one.

2. San Diego @ Arizona 10:20 PM Monday Night

Line: Arizona -3

Chode’s Pick: Cardinals


Nothing like tripling down on the last game of the week. The Chargers always try to make it seem like they’re a good team, when really they are only mediocore at best. These Cardinals had 10 wins last season. With savvy Veteran QB Carson Palmer, wide-outs like Michael Floyd and Larry Fitzgerald, and Andre Ellington carrying the ball on the ground, I like the Cards to cover the line in their Monday night home opener.


Now, The Seabass

1. Jacksonville @ Philadelphia 1 PM Sunday

Line: Philadelphia -10

Seabass’ Pick: Jacksonville

After a mess of a 2013, I really must be fucking nuts taking the Jags as my first wager for 2014. So call me squirrelly, babes, cause it’s happening.  The Jags were 4-4 in  the second half of last season, and they won three of those games on the road.  Add some decent vets on D  and some young talent on offense and the Jags look a few wins better than last year already.  Plus, I like head coach Gus Bradley, he’ll have them ready to play.  Will they beat the Eagles, doubtful, but they’ll cover that big number.



2.New England @ Miami  1 PM Sunday

Line: New England – 4

Seabass’ Pick: Miami

Home divisional dog getting more than a field goal?  I’m in.  Especially since the Fins always play the Pats tough at home.  Last year he Dolphins beat new England outright in the sunshine of FLA and in 2012 they lost by one score.  This Miami team is better than those previous squads and has a good chance of winning this game .  Taking the points is gravy, babes.

nfl brady

3. San Fran @ Dallas 425 PM

Line: San Fran -4

Seabass’ Pick:  San Fran

Road favorites are damn gross, but I can’ resist this number.  The Cowboys may have the worst defense in the league and San Fran should be able to maul their way to a victory here.  The Niners may have looked like Jim Harbaugh’s shit-stained khakis in the preseason, but that’s the preseason.  Even if they do fall off a bit this season, the Niners are still waaay more talented than the ‘Boys.  Sure Romo, Dez and Demarco Murray may out some points up, but San Fran will pull away late after grinding the Dallas D to a pulp.

Heavy play.

nfl jim


….and Babes

Babes threw down on the Thursday night game and took Green Bay in a monster teaser-pleaser that didn’t quite please.  Looks like it’s an 0-1 start for the self proclaimed, “Babes The Greek”, of Charm City Wire

Babes threw his Sunday picks in post-deadline…..here they are:

Ravens -1.5

Falcons +3

Vikings +3




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