Absolute, Stone Cold Locks. NFL Week 6: Karma Money.

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I’ll never forget the first time I ever heard the term, “Karma Money.” It was in my first senior year at the University of Maryland.  It was homecoming week and a bunch of the frats and sororities were having some sort of event in Fells Point.  I wasn’t in a frat, but I had several good friends that were, so I went to a lot of these drunken, Greek-sponsored socials.  So up from College Park we came to Fells Point, the frats in their buses, and me an my roommate in his 1992 Chevy Blazer. Some friends from here in Baltimore joined us, and so the booze swilling and hot chasing began.

bets blaze

But after I’d struck out with about a dozen hots, and the booze had stopped, and as the bus back to College Park began to load, one thing became evident; me and a few others weren’t ready to call it a night.  It felt like there needed to be more to this evening.

That’s when it was said, by, of course, one of the home-grown Baltimore sickos, “I know a place that’s open all night- and the drinks are free.”.

And so at 2:12 A.M, on Maryland homecoming weekend, my first ever trip to Atlantic City began.

Four of us jumped in my buddy’s sub-compact, Dat-san-mazda-isuzu-oyota and hit the road;  we were on our way to riches.   But first there would have to be a stop for a late/early breakfast.

That drunken-munchies breakfas stop in the middle of Nowhereland, New Jersey turned into a life-lesson learning session.

The stop would be at a Waffle House for the 5 a.m drunk breakfast.  The four of us ate like we were going to the electric chair; scarfing up Waffles, eggs, and bacon at a pace reserved for those beautiful nights of excess.  The check came and I vaguely remember it being somewhere around $25 bucks.  We all threw in, adding a healthy tip.  But one dude wasn’t done.  He reached into his wallet, into a secret fold tucked behind his credit cards.  He wiggled out a $100 bill.  “Fuck that $10 tip, give this to the waitress.  We’re going to the House of Trump to gamble real dollars.  We need to throw down some Karma Money.

The math made total sense.  Hook the early morning waitress up with a 400% tip and the chips would be returned to us 10-fold in A.C.

bets waffle

The folks at Waffle house thanked us like we just saved one of their children from a horrible accident.

And the Karma Money worked.

Every dude who drove up in that Dat-san-mazda-Isuzu-oyota won money.  I hit big on black-jack and pulled five-bills out of a slot machine on just one pull. The three others I was with killed the craps table, and then went for a run at the same blackjack table I was camped at. Life was good at the Trump at 7 a.m.  Mind you, this wasn’t, let’s just quit college and retire, money, but it was plus sided money for everybody nonetheless.  I was sold on the concept of Karma Money for the rest of my life.

After last week’s NFL debacle, we need some Karma Money.  Big damn time.

I think Babes just threw the barista at Starbucks a 50-spot for stirring his black coffee.

We’re golden.

We start with The Chode.  Take these for what you will.

The Chode  (Season 6-4)

Game 1: Detroit @ Minnesota

Line: Detroit -2

Chode’s Pick: Minnesota  Vikings

The Vikings took a beating last week in Green Bay with Christian Ponder under center. This week back at home, Teddy Bridgewater is listed as probable for the Vikings, and Calvin Johnson (who has been ineffectively playing hurt the last two weeks) is listed as doubtful. That’s the difference folks. Vikings cover at home.

New England @ Buffalo

Line : New England -3

Chode’s Pick: Buffalo Bills

The Bills, playing at home, are 3-2 on the season and should not be taken too lightly. The Bills have the 2nd best run defense in the league and will try to force the Patriots to pass. Despite the blowout win over Cincinnati last week, and what you might think you know about Tom Brady and the Pats offense, their passing offense is only ranked 20th overall in the NFL. Bills win this NFC East divisional game.


Seabass (Season 8-8)

I’m playing only two this week and the plays spawn from that Sunday night debacle in New England last week.  I thought the Bengals would make a statement.  I thought they had arrived.  I was wrong.  Same old Bengals.

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t good and now they come back home to play a struggling Carolina squad.  They can’t make this line big enough.

Panthers at Bengals (-6.5)-   The Panthers can’t beat the AFC North.  Both the Steelers and the Ravens took massive dumps on them. Cincy bounces back at home and uses Cam Newton’s helmet as their own personal porcelain throne.

Pats (-3) at Bills– The Bills are too good on their defensive interior to let what happened to Cincy last week happen to them this week.  Without the run game, a nicked up Brady is as helpless as the Trump was after that good dose of Karma Money at the Waffle House. Bills tough at home and getting points in a divisional game. Heavy play for me and The Chode.

bets waffle


Babes (Season 6-10-1)

Babes went 0-2-1 on his published picks, but he fell in love with New England at some time around 5 p.m. on Sunday, so we’re giving it to him.  This week, he keeps it simple.  No write up, just picks:

Jets (+ 9) over Denver

bets manning

Dallas (+8.5) over Seattle

Eagle (-3) over Giants.


Good Luck!


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