Absolute, Stone Cold Locks. NFL Week 3: Gimme The Loot.

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After a weird wagering Week Two, it’s time to invoke our inner Biggie Smalls….

Damn straight, Mr. Smalls, Gimme The Loot.  And while we here at Charm City Wire  might not be into mugging folks and beating them up for their North Face jackets, we are into grabbing and obtaining easy money. Unfortunately, if your name is Babes or Seabass, the money hasn’t been so easy.  Both staggered with a 1-2 record last week.  However, The Chode, per his usual self, went 2-0 .  That’s a combined 4-4.  So far, we’re not beating the Juice like Newton here at the office. (I’ll spare you the “Playing With The Queen of Hearts” video this time.)

Let’s get it back on track this Sunday and join The Chode on the plus side.   Remember, take these for what you will…..

First up, The Chode (Season 3-1):

Game 1. Dallas @ St. Louis

Line: Dallas -1

Chode’s Pick: St Louis RAMS

bet rams

The Rams came up with a big win on the road in Tampa Bay last Sunday. St. Louis will now follow up that performance with a win over the Cowgirls. You can’t excited about the Rams quarterback situation, but I do like Rams running back Zac Stacy to have a monster game Sunday helping St. Louis blow past Tony Romo and crew.

Game 2. San Francisco @ Arizona

Line: San Fran -3

Chode’s Pick: Zona

bet cards

The Cardinals won 10 games last year and are off to 2-0 start this season. I don’t know what they have to do to get some respect around here. I love Zona as a 3 point home dog at home!

“The Arizona Cardinals Don’t Get No Respect


Speaking of no respect, here’s Babes (Season 3-4):

Vegas has had two straight winning weeks over John Q Public, so I’m gonna lay some wood this week.  I’m taking three games, all favorites, because the sports books have to keep the average bettor interested.

Game 1: New Orleans (-10.5):  The 0-2 Saints are going to flat out run the Vikings out of the building. That crowd will be rampant, and Matt Cassell won’t have a chance with that crowd noise barreling down on him.  Throw in all the distractions from the Adrian Peterson fiasco, and I’m wondering if the Vikings make it out of the Superdome alive, much less victorious.  Drew Brees is unstoppable at home, where he boasts a 33-13 record ATS as a home favorite since 2007.  Saints roll by close to three touchdowns.

Game 2:  New England (-14):  Even if Oakland somehow manages to get out to an early lead, the Pats will end up pummeling the Raiders.  The Pats running backs will carry the ball over 35 times at least, and the Pats will roll easily.  Oakland’s offense will mount nothing early, and once the game is out of reach, they will finally find production in garbage time.  Be wary of the backdoor cover, but I think the Pats defense is too good to even allow much in garbage time.

Game 3: Seattle (-5):  In the Super Bowl rematch, it will be much of the same result.  Seattle’s D will suffocate the Denver offense.  Throw in the fact that it’s at Seattle, with that obscene crowd noise, and Manning will not have a pleasant day.  The Hawks are 21-4 ATS in September home games, and Russell Wilson is 5-1 ATS coming off a loss as long as he ‘s not favored by ten plus points.  Seattle wins this one by a touchdown.

bet peyton

Seabass (Season 3-3):

Betting Jacksonville twice in two weeks and losing money is like getting crushed in the nuts by a hot chick after you pinch her ass.  You fucking deserve it.  I’ll be a little wiser this week and steer clear of the team with the owner who looks like a ringmaster from a Saudi Arabian circus.

bet jags


For the record, I love Arizona like The Chode, and Seattle, like Babes.  So I’ll ride their coat tails on those picks and make those my first two official wagers of the week.   But I’ve got two more games for your gambling pleasure.  That’s right, I’m playing four this week.

Steelers at Panthers (-3):  The Steelers stink.  Yes, they had a long week to prepare for this after getting dusted by the Ravens last Thursday, but they are not very good.  The Panthers, on the other hand, are.  Carolina’s young and talented defense will be licking their chops with a struggling Squealer offense coming into town.  Plus, Cam Newton and company should be able to move the rock against this slow and aging Pittsburgh D.  Three points seems like a bargain to me.  And I have absolutely no bias against Pittsburgh. Nope, not at all. Sunday prime time slaughter.

bet rape

Titans at Bengals (-7):  Laying some lumber here, but this just may be an awful match-up for the Titans.  Gio Bernard is a weapon out of the backfield. The Bengals running game, coupled with their smothering defense, should make quick work of this upstart Titans squad.  Tennessee, after destroying a beat up Kansas City squad in week one,  came crashing back down to earth by getting pummeled by Dallas in week two.  Cincy is just too dynamic, even with AJ Green out, for the Titans to keep up.  And on the road, I just don’t see Jake Locker staying close against one of the best defenses in football.  If this line ducks under 7….hammer.


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