A Tribute To Our Main Man, Bert

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The man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Bert. It has been just around a year since his passing, and we can be sure that he is still dancing. I’ve truly never met anyone who could illuminate a room the way he could. Whether it was his bright and perfectly tailored suits, his high pitched voice, or his patented shake-down on the dance floor, Bert made you smile. A staple at Looney’s, Seacrets in Ocean City, and every CCW video, Bert was always the life of the party without having to be the center of attention.

In honor of Mr. Bert, this week will be full of CC and waters (with a shot of bubble on the side).

Training Day

Jerry Maguire

Toby couldn’t have asked for a better hype man for tonight’s restaurant challenge #Bert #CRWings

A video posted by Charm City Wire (@charmcitywire) on

Eat your heart out Shakira #hipsdontlie #Mrbert A video posted by Charm City Wire (@charmcitywire) on

Bert in the Cheesesteak Challenge

Looney’s Pub, Cheesesteak Challenge by charmcitywire

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