A Satan Statue With A Massive Erection Appeared In Vancouver, Not Everyone Is Outraged

Humor, News — September 11, 2014 at 12:54 pm by

This bad boy mysteriously appeared in a Vancouver park, and every commuter had the privilege of finally seeing Satan with an erection. Nobody knows how the statue got there, and city officials quickly set out to take it down stating it was not officially commissioned. That’s a surprise. dev devv sa

It doesn’t end there, many residents believe that the statue should stay. In fact, a petition has begun to circulate which is already over 1,000 sigantures. I guess things must not be so bad in Vancouver, you’re doing alright if your biggest issue is a Satan statue with a boner…

Some of the reasons people are giving to keep the statue are perfect

“Dude. Did you see the boner on that thing? That makes a statement, man. That puts Vancouver on the map.”

“Mostly because I like Satan, but also that magnificent cock.”

“We all need some devil dick in our lives.”

“I worship satan and would like my religion represented in Vancouver.”

via Province

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  1. Vancouver, WA or Vancouver BC? Maybe you don’t know…geech.

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