A-Roid’s Suspension Continues With Home Run At Camden Yards

Sports and Bets — September 11, 2013 at 9:27 pm by

A-Roid is on fire.  After two doubles last night, he shows up tonight with a game tying home run.   It’s real nice to see that baseball is allowing this asshole to play and effect the playoff race.  He’s spit in the face of baseball for years by pumping his ass full of steroids, now baseball fights back by allowing him to play out during his appeal, which evidently takes months.  What a fucking joke. It’s one of the mysteries of the free world.  How can everybody hate this guy, yet he still catches every break?  Baseball wonders why it gets dominated by the NFL.  Stupid shit like this is why. And the Yankees can eat shit too.  All their history and “Yankee Pride” is all bullshit.   If they truly gave a shit about the game and it’s history they wouldn’t be playing this douche.  They’d cut his ass and eat the contract like men. Can you imagine what a guy like Lou Gehrig would say to A-Roid?  Same thing we’re saying, “Suck it, A-Roid, suck it.”


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