A Real Looker Found Its Way Onto The Shore Of Virginia Beach

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If there was a running for the most fascinating fish on the East Coast, this would be a serious contender. A Northern Stargazer, this is what Virginia beach resident, Ashley Raper Starr spotted along the surf. If anybody questions why I wear shoes and socks on the beach(shoobie), just ask a Stargazer. It looks like these bad boys tend to stay in the deep waters of the Chesapeake Bay, but we all know, home is where you make it.

Courtesy of Ashley Raper Starr

Courtesy of Ashley Raper Starr

GrindTV The sea creature was identified as a northern stargazer or Astroscopus guttatus. They are known to bury themselves in the sand and wait for prey, such as small fish, crabs and other crustaceans, to pass by. Their eyes are at the top of their head and poke up through the sand, thus the name stargazer.

They have a blackish-brown body with white spots, can grow up to 22 inches and are found mostly in the deep, open waters of lower Chesapeake Bay but also range along the Atlantic coast between New York and North Carolina.

For this guy to bury itself like this, you have no choice but to respect it…


Courtesy of Ashely Raper Starr



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