A Passenger Playing A Boom Box Leads To Fight On Flight From BWI To LAX

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There is nothing worse than noise on the plane. Not to mention, when you’re trying to grab some shut eye on a flight that is traveling across the country. A crying baby can be ignored, a loud conversation in the row next to you can be tolerated, but a boom box? For starters, who lugs a boom box on a plane? To actually start playing the thing on a plane is whole different topic.

WBAL A fight broke out in midair Wednesday aboard a flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Times reported that two intoxicated women were blasting music from a boom box on Spirit Airlines flight 141. When other passengers asked them to turn it down, the women taunted them and held the boom box above their heads before a fight broke out on the plane.

Soon As The Plane Landed…..The Drama Started…!! #LATrip #DrunkFlightLeadToFight @emdot13 @jazz_jolly @clarkkentmarley

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