A Moose In The Hall of Fame?

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Former Oriole and Yankee Mike Mussina was eligible for his first Hall of Fame ballot Wednesday. Mussina didn’t come close to making the 75% needed. The Moose will have several more cracks at getting in, and many people feel he will eventually get the nod. This topic leaves me with more questions than answers. Is Mussina really deserving of being elected into the hall of fame? If he is, does he go into the Hall as an Oriole or a Yankee? Most importantly, as an Orioles fan do I even want this guy going into the Hall with an Oriole Bird on his hat?

It’s often said when talking about the Hall of Fame that it’s the Hall of greatness, and not the Hall of very good. Mike Mussina was a very good pitcher. He was probably the last true Ace the Orioles had. Being a very good pitcher for a long period of time doesn’t make you great.  Sure, Mussina won a lot of games, but that’s what happens when you play the game for 18 years on winning ball clubs. Mussina’s career ERA of 3.68 is very good, but it’s not great. If Moose is elected to the Hall of Fame, his  ERA would be the second highest ERA in the history of pitchers ever elected. That’s saying something. How bout all those Cy Young awards the Moose won? Oh wait, he never won one. I’m not saying its a requirement to win a Cy Young award to get into the Hall of Fame as a starting pitcher, but what I am asking is, how does such a “great” pitcher not win one in eighteen seasons?

“It’s not that Hard Mike, Jim Palmer won 3 Cy  Young Awards”

If the day does ever come where Mussina is elected to the Hall of Fame there is little doubt in my mind that he goes in as a Yankee, not an Oriole. While the O’s drafted Mike, and he spent a few more season in Baltimore than he did in the Bronx, he retired with the Yanks and seems to have put his days with the Orioles in the rear view. Money aside, when you leave one team and go to their direct rival, that’s a bold statement. Mussina stuck it to Orioles fans in 2001, so why wouldn’t he do it again? To that point though, I couldn’t care less. When Mussina was an Oriole I was just a young buck and worshiped “The Moose”, then he turned his back on the city that loved him. There are people who argue on Mussina’s side that Angelos is a cheap prick who wouldn’t pay him. I’ll never argue against Angelos being a cheap prick. But if it’s about the dollars, there are 30 other teams, find anyone besides the Evil Empire to pay your salary. Some things are unforgivable, and an Oriole wearing Yankee Pinstripes is a mortal sin in my book. So if Mussina does ever make it into the Hall of Fame I hope he is wearing those pinstripes he loves so much.


” This crap still makes me sick”

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