A Mom And Two Teens Accused Of Drawing 100-Yard Penis In High School Football Field

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This mom is not a good parent, she’s a great parent. A 50-year-old woman and two teens are suspected of using weed killer to draw a huge-ass dick in the middle of a high school football field in Michigan. What a phenomenal prank.

I’m am truly jealous that I never thought of doing this, and I respect the hell out of these three, especially the mom. She’s raised her children right, no doubt about that. So graphic. Such intricate detail. This work of art belongs in both the PornHub hall of fame and the Smithsonian.

Fox 2 News Headlines

Have a little sense of humor in your life, and stop acting like your high school football field was worth a shit to begin with. This prank “tore your heart out?” GET. THE. FUCK. OVER. IT. This is awesome.

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