A lot Of WTF’s In Week One Loss To Bengals

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by Babes
All that shit that went wrong in the first 35 minutes of that game, and the Ravens still came back to take the lead with five minutes left, just to fucking lose!?  I can’t believe this team fought all the way back, and shit the bed like that in the last five minutes.  I guess it shows some fortitude that they didn’t lay down, but overall I was completely unimpressed with basically every facet of the Ravens performance.
I don’t even know where to start.  Maybe I’ll make myself feel better if I start with the positives, even though there weren’t many.  I thought the offensive line, one of the biggest question marks coming in, did a good job Sunday.  There was room to run, despite the fact that the backs didn’t always take advantage of it.  I thought Gary Kubiak went a little pass happy early, but I’m not gonna question his play calling.  The pass protection from the offensive line was good overall.  Flacco was only sacked three times on the day (He threw the ball over 60 times.), almost every time due to a blitzer.  I believe only one sack can be attributed to Rick Wagner, who may have been the biggest concern on the line coming into yesterday.  This was game was different than watching the Ravens last year.  Last year the line got zero push and there were no running lanes, but yesterday the line provided holes.  Pierce couldn’t break tackles, and then laid it on the ground.  Forsett did a nice job picking up yardage, but he only really picked up what was blocked, he didn’t create much extra on his own.  Still 11 carries for 70 yards and a touchdown is a great day.  Forsett also added five catches.

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Looking at the stat line, it looks like Steve Smith had a monster day with 7 catches for 118 yards and a touchdown.  But Smith had a bad first half that directly led to the Ravens’ offense not being able to stay on the field on third down.  He had four first half drops, at least two of which would have been third down conversions.  The Ravens and Joe Flacco need him to be reliable, and make those chain moving catches the way Anquan Boldin used to.
Torrey Smith has to step it up as well.  I can’t believe he had a hard time running past a veteran corner like Terrance Newman yesterday.  If Smith can’t further develop his underneath game as a receiver, then he is not worth giving a big contract to.  I’m tired of hearing about how he is still developing his route running.
Then there is Joe Flacco.  It’s funny how much of a rhythm quarterback Joe is.  If defenses can get him off rhythm, he has a tough time executing.  But why is everyone around town ready to crucify Joe today?  I’m not saying he played a great game by any means, but a lot of what happened in the first half was not his fault.  I went back and watched the game close and saw the Steve Smith drops.  I saw Torrey Smith fall down out of his break on a third down play.  I saw Dennis Pitta sit down on a route when he should have kept running.  These were all factors leading to what looked like bad throws from Joe.  It looks bad on Joe, and Joe ultimately needs to be on the same page as his receivers, but c’mon people, open your eyes.
The one thing that is completely inexcusable was Joe leaving those three points on the field at the end of the first half.  Calling it, “a dumb play,” doesn’t come close to explaining it.  That’s on Joe, and he fucking blew it there.

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The last thought I have about the offense is in regards to the fourth down play.  It was clear as day that the Bengals were bringing six pass rushers against an empty set.  That’s five blockers to take on six defenders, Joe has to recognize this and throw hot.  If you’re going to go empty, you have to be able to throw the fade route hot if they come with one extra pass rusher.  This is football 101 and frankly it’s embarrassing to see the game ended that way by our offense.
To the defensive side of the ball.  Dean Pees is starting to make me want to throw up with this bend don’t break mentality.  Yes, they only gave up five field goals in the first half, but fuck, get off the field on third down once in a while.  The only time we stopped the Bengals is when they got ultra conservative with that 15 point lead in the second half.  And what the fuck was he thinking calling man coverage on AJ Green with fucking Chykie Brown?  Where was the safety help over the top?  Why wasn’t Jimmy Smith not on Green there?  What the fuck do you think they’re going to do there?  Nobody on this defense steps up and makes plays.  Chris Canty, Elvis Dumervil, Daryl Smith, Terrell Suggs, who made big plays out of that group?  Suggs made one tackle for loss on a play where he completely ducked under the tackle’s block. Thank goodess he got there in time because he completely gave up the edge.  I know I’ve been on Suggs for doing this, but it’s all the time.  Where is the pass rush from him and Dumervil?  The Ravens best pass rusher ,by far, is Pernell McPhee.

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I’m very happy seeing the development of Matt Elam.  He is a true enforcer out there.  He’s not great in coverage, but he will knock your lights out and do it legally.  That was a great play he made on AJ Green coming across the middle early in the game.  I didn’t see much of Green over the middle after that.
The defense needs somebody from that veteran group to step up and be a playmaker.  I’m seeing more from the likes of Brandon Williams, Deanglo Tyson, and McPhee then I am from all the high-priced talent.  And for God’s sake please don’t put Brown on an island against anybody.  He is a liability that is only on the field because they can’t find anyone better.  He is a backup player at best.

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This atrocious loss needs to be put behind us.  It’s over, it sucks, but it’s over.  They need to rally and take care of business Thursday night or this season will go in the shitter very quickly.  But please folks don’t be dumbass fans that blindly call for the quarterback’s head just because we’re not winning.  We collectively as a fan base are much better then that.  Be educated fans and hold everyone accountable for their performance.

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