A Guy Named Boris Fittingly Ends Maryland’s Basketball Life In The ACC

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It has been that kind of year.  The kind of year where a dude named Boris dunks with 0.4 seconds left to end a season and an era.  The Terps have lost a ton of close games this year and Thursday was no different, as this play put an end to Maryland’s ACC Tournament and Maryland’s ACC membership:

Awful, awful defense there.  Ugly, babes.

But screw it.  Time to turn the page Maryland fans.  No sense in getting nostalgic now.  Hell, Maryland has only won 3 ACC Tournaments in 60 freakin’ years, so this ending fits.  It fits this season of “almost wins” and it fits 61 damn years of ACC Tournament frustration.  The ACC Tournament makes sense anyway, right?  Let’s be one of the biggest basketball conferences in America and have our crowning jewel held in Greensboro, North Carolina 85% of the time.  Seems like a good idea.  Later for this conference, babes.

All that matters now for the Terps is that they’ve got a nice group of young players with a top 10 recruiting class coming in.  Maryland was just a player or two away from doing some big things.  This team couldn’t finish, next year they will, it will just be in the Big 10.  We commented on their lack of finishing skills earlier…



P.S.  I can’t wait to lose to Southern Miss or Belmont in this year’s NIT!  Go Terps!
Speaking of Boris:

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