A Cleveland Browns Fan Is Raising Money To Fund A “Perfect Season” Parade

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The Cleveland Browns are off to a 0-9 start, and one Cleveland fan has once again started planning for the perfect season. Last season, Chris McNeil made his first attempt at throwing a win-less season parade through the donations from devoted fans, but the Browns pulled off a last second victory against the Chargers. There was no parade, so the thousands of dollars raised went to a Cleveland foodbank. 

McNeil wants a perfect season parade, and a second chance came quicker than any Browns fan would expect…Or maybe not? Paperwork has been filed.

A GoFundMe is in place to cover any expenses that will be needed to throw the perfect season parade. If the Browns pull a win out of their ass, all money will once again go to the Greater Cleveland Foodbank.

This is the official fundraising site for the Cleveland Browns Perfect Season Parade 2.0. As we all know, the Cleveland Browns have had a magical season full of fun & utter embarrassment. Wikipedia defines embarrassment as, “an emotional state that is associated with moderate to high levels of discomfort, and which is usually experienced when someone has a socially unacceptable or frowned-upon act or condition that was witnessed by or revealed to others.” This is the condition we deal with every Sunday as a Browns fan! I urge you to come out on January 6th to show your support for our owner, Jimmy Haslam, and his entire front office for the product they put on the field every Sunday. 

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