A Baltimore Bike Shop Was Robbed, Let’s Spread The Word To Find These Scumbags

News — March 30, 2015 at 10:49 pm by


Joe’s Bike Shop, located on Falls Rd., was recently robbed by a bunch of punks. Surveillance video captured the heist going down, so we need to spread it. With every view, the odds of someone ratting these guys out will increase.

One of the perps have been caught, so that leaves three. Below is one of the bikes in question, so keep your head on a swivel…

***STOLEN***At 1am last night our shop was broken into, and although the cops caught one of the kids they are not optimistic about finding the other 3. A couple bikes were stolen, but please be on the look out for this one in particular. Rocky Mountain with a Lauf fork, Shimano XTR, ENVE wheels and seatpost, with a bontrager all in one stem bar combo. Please if you have any information let us know. Thank you


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