93 Year Old WWII Vet “Pee Wee” Martin Jumps Into Normandy Again.

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Seventy years ago to the day, Jim “Pee Wee” Martin was fighting in Normandy, France after having parachuting out of an airplane the night before as a member of the 101st Airborne Division.  D-Day had begun and for the next year or so Martin would fight his way through France, Holland, and Germany.  The 101st played a key role in vanquishing the German army that had controlled Europe for half of a decade and Martin was there every step of the way.

To commemorate that incredible event in world history and to honor those who never made it home, Martin parachuted into Normandy again, at the age of 93.

Martin said today’s jump was much easier than the first Normandy jump because, “there wasn’t anybody shooting at me today.”

Martin is obviously a bad ass, he had already proved that once by being a part of the 1944 allied invasion that helped save the world.    Now Martin has humbled us all twice, once in 1944, and today by hurling himself out of an airplane at the age of 93.

What an amazing man.

So pay Martin’s service to his country forward.  The next time you encounter a man or woman from this greatest generation, show some love and respect.  They probably had a hand in saving the world too.

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