84-Year-Old Dumped A Bucket Of Pee On A 13-Year-Old Kid For Vandalizing His Walkway

News — August 17, 2015 at 1:37 pm by

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According to the Smoking Gun, this 84-year-old stunner, Charles Weatherford, felt that a 13-year-old Indiana neighborhood boy was vandalizing his walkway. So he allegedly threw a bucket of pee on him from the second floor of his home.

Ironically enough, the pee-thrower was the one to call the cops, to report the vandalization. When police arrived they were aware of a “strong odor of urine but were unable to determine the source.”

After leaving the scene of the crime, police were then called again, this time by the boy’s mom. She said her son “had been assaulted with bodily waste.”

The boy told police that the man had thrown urine on him after an argument.

While on his way to jail, Weatherford told police he sometimes kept a bucket of pee on his balcony for “self-defense.”



I don’t know why people haven’t thought of this as a legit way of defending themselves. Baltimore would be so much less dangerous if everyone just defended themselves with urine. Or they’d get murdered for throwing human piss on someone else. Either or.

But kids today just don’t get it. Back in the olden days, you mess with a guy’s driveway, and it’s a straight shot of urine to the face. Fair, clean punishment.

Bottom line is, this kid’s never gonna mess with an old man’s property again. Lesson learned.

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