8-Year-Old Girl Puts On Amazing Boxing Display

Sports and Bets — November 4, 2015 at 2:27 pm by

That was eight-year-old Evnika Saadvakass beating the fuck out of a log with blinding hand speed. This obviously wasn’t the Kazakhstan brawler’s first rodeo, either. Her dad’s a trainer, and she’s been working out with him since she was five. Here’s another video of Evnika from this past spring.

It’s crazy to know that there’s an eight-year-old girl walking this earth that could easily kick my ass. I may never sleep soundly again. It’s ridiculous for someone like me to tell Mr. Saadvakass how to train his daughter, but it’s crystal clear that they should stick with the old school stuff. If Rocky IV thought me anything, it’s that fancy-pants workout technology is for losers.

via Bleacher Report

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