70 Years After His Death, Maryland WWII Vet Will Finally Be Buried Today

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Technical Sgt. Hugh Francis Moore of Elkton, MD died at age 36 while serving in World War II. His plane was shot down over Papua New Guinea in the Pacific Theater of World War II, and his remains, along with the remains of six others in his crew, have been missing ever since. These remains have finally, after all these years, been found, and he will now get the burial that he deserves today on Veterans Day.

According to WBAL– “The DOD said Moore and 10 other crew members on a B-24D Liberator took off from Texter Strip, Nazdab Air Field in Papua New Guinea on April 10, 1944. Their mission was to attack an anti-aircraft site at Hansa Bay, but their bomber was shot down by enemy fire over the Madang Province. Officials said four crew members were able to parachute from the plane, but they reportedly died in captivity.

DOD officials said after the war, the Army Graves Registration Service found and recovered the remains of three of the crew members, but in May 1949, the agency determined that the remaining nine crew members, including Moore, were not recoverable.

But in 2001, that changed. A U.S.-led team found the wreckage of the B-24D and, after several surveys of the site, were able to excavate the plane, where they found human remains and non-biological material evidence, the DOD said.

Scientists then had to use circumstantial evidence and forensic identification tools to identify Moore, including using mitochondrial DNA, which matched Moore’s niece and grand-niece, officials said.”

Moore is finally set to be buried today in Cherry Hill United Methodist Cemetery in Elkton.


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