51, Feldman, and A Nasty Bullpen Beat Sox. O’s Still Two Out

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Wow.  The Birds went up to Boston and grinded out a win against the Sox tonight 3-2. This thing was chock full of sub plots, the biggest being Chris “Crush” Davis’ team record 51st home run of the season.  It came in the top of the 6th off of Sox starter Ryan Dempster and it tied the game at 2.  Crush was clutch.  Davis murdered the ball too, it went out in the deepest part of Fenway.


Meanwhile, Scott Feldman continued his steady starting pitching by going five innings and allowing only two runs on two hits. Unfortunately he walked six, so the start wasn’t exactly awe-inspiring, or a thing of beauty, but Feldman continuously got out of jams and deep counts to keep the Orioles close.  But only five innings pitched means an extended night for the bullpen, and we all know how that’s been going of late.  So I’ll list the relievers, my vocal reaction, and how they shut me the fuck up.  (Which, of course, I was happy that they did.)

6th Inning:  TJ McFarland         

My Reaction:  “Really Buck, I thought we were trying to win this fucking game”  

How he shut me the fuck up:  Perfect Inning with 2 K’s

7th Inning:  Kevin Gausman      

My Reaction: “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkkkkk”   

How he shut me the fuck up: 3 Up, 3 Down

8th Inning: Brian Matusz             

My Reaction: “Love it Buck, Matusz owns this Big Papi prick.”                              

How he proved me right and I yelled my ass off:  Struck his ass out.

8th Inning: Tommy Hunter                        

My Reaction:  “If he gives up a home run I will smash my fucking TV.”                    

How he shut me the fuck up:  Threw gas, 2 Up, 2 Down            

9th Inning: Jim Johnson                             

My reaction:  “I can’t take this shit. Let fucking Fred Manfra pitch.”                       

How he shut me the fuck up:  Earned the save.  Second most saves in MLB.

Boom.  Good things happen when this bullpen slams the door.

Danny Valencia continues his tear.   He was 1 for 2 with 2 walks and a triple, which came against Koji in the top of the ninth. Alexi  Casilla then pinch ran for Danny and Matt Wieters brought him home with a sac fly.  It was the first earned run that Koji had given up since June 30th.

Ol’ Danny Boy’s been on a tear.

Manny had two hits.  He is batting under .200 for the month of September, so maybe he’ll break out of it with this performance at the plate.

Manny also had two errors and Mclouth had one.  Aberration. This is the best fielding team in major league history, I don’t see errors becoming a trend at this point of the season.

Texas beat Tampa tonight so now they are tied with the same record and they own both wild card spots.   Cleveland is winning in the ninth so it looks like they’ll only be a half game out.  Then comes us.  We still sit two out.  But the bottom line is still the same, if the Birds keep winning everything will take care of itself.  Gotta keep winning tomorrow.

Chen (7-7) vs Peavy (3-1)

Let’s Go O’s!


pics: MLB, fenwayfanatics.com

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