45 Man-Bachelor Party Dressed As Tom Selleck In Magnum P.I. Removed From Tigers Game For Catcalling

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Fox– “Saturday night was Star Wars night at Comerica Park but it was a large group of Magnum P.I. impersonators who stole the attention of security.

45 men dressed as Thomas Magnum, the Tom Selleck iconic character in the 1980s TV show Magnum P.I., were tossed out of the ballpark Saturday. The huge group was at the game for Joe Tuccini’s bachelor party.

The Allen Park resident told FOX 2 that the Tigers told him they were ejected for ‘catcalling’ but he says that’s not true. He said that he thinks the Tigers security escorted him out of the ballpark because the group was drawing attention away from the Tigers – who lost 10-4 to the White Sox.

The group of 45 Magnum P.I.’s – which included a cardboard cutout of Magnum P.I. – were escorted from the park.”


The Tigers lost 10-4 to the White Sox, one of the worst teams in baseball, and all these chaps were trying to do was treat the ballpark like a strip club. It’s a bachelor party for God’s sake, what were they supposed to do? Unbelievable to think that they were only trying to #makebaseballfunagain, and the Tigers wanted them out. If you get 45 men tickets to a baseball game and find 45 Thomas Magnum outfits, you should be able to catcall whoever the fuck you please. And you know what, if you’re a woman, and aren’t at least the slightest bit intrigued when a Tom Selleck impersonator catcalls you, then that’s on you. Next time I’m in Detroit and have 44 of my friends dressed as Tom Selleck, I’ll gladly take my business elsewhere, Tigers. You fucked up.



PS- Hats off a million times over to the guy who brought the cardboard cut out.

PPS- 100% chance this guy stole everyone’s girl.



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