Are Yankees Fans The Biggest Idiots Alive?

Sports and Bets — April 4, 2018 at 2:07 am by

It’s less than a week into the season, and Yankees fans are already tired enough of their former NL MVP striking out five times in one game to the point where they’re willing to boo him as he heads back to the dugout. Yes the same guy that they were all giving each other tug jobs over when the Yankees acquired him this winter, and the guy who hit two home runs on opening day.

What a joke these fans are. What fucking losers. Do they not realize that if Stanton isn’t good this year they won’t be good? Do they not realize that just two seasons ago Stanton was fucking terrible and has the capability to go back to that? And booing him isn’t exactly going to help his confidence, or desire to play to his expectations or ability. What morons, what idiots, what losers.

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