40th Anniversary of Ten Cent Beer Night

Sports and Bets — June 2, 2014 at 1:15 pm by

This Wednesday marks the 40th anniversary of the infamous Ten Cent Beer Night promotion held by the Cleveland Indians. In remembrance of this wild piece of baseball history, ESPN made a great video on what exactly went down on that fateful, drunken night in Cleveland.

I love how the game started off with everybody having fun and goofing around, but once the beers started to add up, all hell broke loose. Cherry bombs, bottles, chairs, and even poor, innocent, delicious hot dogs were thrown on the field. Fans rushed the field and fought with players, culminating in nine arrests and the Indians having to forfeit the game.


The craziest part of this whole story to me wasn’t the riot taking place on the field, but the fact that the Indians held another Ten Cent Beer Night just a month later. Who was the slapdick that tossed that idea out during a meeting? Like, “Hey guys, remember last month when we sold ten cents beers, and created a terribly unsafe environment that resulted in complete chaos? Let’s run that back. I think we’re onto something.” So reckless, so ’70s.


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