4 Key Players For Super Sunday

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Deer Antlers and Bourbon Street aside there is a football game that needs to be played on Sunday.  The Super Bowl can sometimes be a victim of it’s own success with all the parties and celebrating that goes on before kickoff.  We are all for it, but at some point football’s got to be about football.  So for the sake of this blog let’s talk X’s and O’s.

We all know about Ray Lewis and Ray Rice and Joe Flacco and Terrel Suggs and Ed Reed.  But dammit there are other dudes running around out there that make this whole thing work.  Here are comments on four players that we feel will have a big impact on Super Sunday.


RG Marshal Yanda…..The Ravens want to run the ball. This is no secret.  The Ravens love to run between the tackles, even when in the shotgun.  The key to their success in this department on Sunday will be the ability of  Yanda to get to the 49ers’ second level.  Yanda’s ability to pull and get to linebackers has put him in the pro bowl.  Now it’s time to go against the best interior line-backing core in the NFL. Patrick Willis and Navarro Bowman will be out to stuff Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce.  It’s up to Marshal Yanda to make sure they can’t.  If Yanda can get to these linebackers and hold his blocks, Ray Rice will be very productive inside.


Sam LB Courtney Upshaw …..The development of this rookie talent is one of the reasons the Ravens have had such late season success against the run.  In the Ravens’ defense it is imperative that the Sam Linebacker have the ability to hold the strong-side edge against the run.  This means keep the running back contained within the tackles.  The importance of this job will be heightened with the Pistol Offense in play.  Containing Frank Gore and Colin Kaepernick will be the key to winning this football game.  The responsibility of containing the strong side and stopping the big outside run falls to Courtney.


RT Micheal Oher…..Since being moved to the right side, Micheal Oher has played extremely well.  His pass protection has stepped up a level and his mauling style is conducive to the run blocking responsibilities needed from this position.  The 49ers have been susceptible to outside running so we may see the Ravens install more of these runs into the game plan.  With the quick cutting Rice and the gliding Bernard Peirce looking to turn the corner and get up field on these plays, Oher will need to collapse the line or crush the Sam.  We feel Oher is up to the task.  Look for some big outside runs early to help the Ravens set the tone offensively.


RCB Cary Williams…..Williams took a lot of heat early this season.  He wasn’t playing well, and the communication within the secondary seemed lacking.  Fast Forward to now.  Willams has been lights out, notching two picks in three games and helping shut down the outside.  The Ravens have done a great job of keeping the ball in front of them.  Teams simply have not been able to get deep.  Tough press coverage frustrated Denver and New England.  Williams now draws Micheal Crabtree and company.  Keeping the gifted Crabtree off rhythm will be a key to victory Sunday.  We look for another solid day from Williams, and maybe another pick.

Keep an eye on these four players come Sunday.  Their ability to stay physical and execute will help determine Sunday’s outcome.




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