3 Amish Passengers Were Robbed At Gunpoint While Riding In Their Horse & Buggy

News — August 26, 2014 at 5:04 pm by

On Monday, three Amish people cruising along in their horse and buggy in East Lampeter Township, Pennsylvania were robbed at gunpoint. A masked man driving a minivan pulled in front of them, forcing them to stop. He demanded their money, and the first two victims tossed him their wallets. The third victim, however, had a little trick up his sleeve. He threw his wallet behind the robber, so they could make a getaway while he went to retrieve it. They booked it outta there through an adjacent field, and were able to escape without physical harm.

Talk about a real criminal mastermind. I’m sure that horse and buggy was filled to the brim with cash, jewelry, and all the latest electronics. This gomer would probably have been better off robbing a lemonade stand. Not only did this robbery not make any sense from a financial standpoint, but you have to be a real scumbag to victimize Amish people in the first place. They just stay in their lane, live off the land, and grow phenomenal beards. Rob somebody who deserves it next time, like a casino or the Boston Red Sox.

Police don’t know much about the masked robber, but I know of only one man slimy enough to pull off a caper like this.


via Lancaster Online & Gawker

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