3-6 Inches Sure Does A Lot of Damage Around Here. Here’s What You Can Do In A “Snow Emergency”.

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Face it Maryland, when it comes to snow we’re a bunch of  wussies.  Everything is closed, kids are out of school, and life comes to a standstill for most folks.  Did you go get milk, bread, and toilet paper yesterday for your one day of snow flake prison?  If you’re over 60 you definitely did. Christ, my grandmother worked the phones all day yesterday to send out warnings to anyone that would listen about the impending icy doom.   “Gotta be able to swipe your ass if the plow don’t come”, she hollered into her rotary wall phone.  True, so true.  So if you’re in lock down, get the fire stoked, the hot chocolate working, throw some tenderloin on the broiler or in the crock pot, and mash some potatoes.  It’s rib sticking food time.  Or, if you aren’t quite prepared for an early January home cooked feast, hit the neighborhood bars, they are definitely open.  Drunks love snow babes.

Staying in:

Wash the tenderloin (or roast) and place in crock pot.

Season with pepper to taste.

Place onions in crock pot.

Make au jus with Minor’s Beef Base and water and then pour it into the crock pot.

Cook on low for 6-8 hours.

Make mashed potatoes.  Real, not instant, you got time if you’re snowed in.


Going out:

Go to closest bar.

Order 1 Guinness and 1 shot of Grand Marnier.





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