26 Pounds Of Weed Fell From Sky, Crushing A Family’s Doghouse

News — September 29, 2015 at 9:30 am by


Maya Donnelly of Nogales, Arizona heard a huge crash the morning of September 8th, but just marked it off as a thunder storm. She was way off, she walked out later that day to find her dog’s house in shambles. Her backyard was blessed by the heavens, 26 pounds of weed fell from the sky. What is your move in her shoes? Turn it in? Or become the neighborhood Samson?

Guardian She found a bulky bundle wrapped in black plastic. Inside was roughly 26lbs of marijuana . and was likely dropped there accidentally by a drug smuggler’s aircraft.Police are now trying to determine whether the bundle was transported by an aircraft or a pilotless drone. Such runs usually occur at night. Living near the border, Donnelly said she assumed the object contained drugs. She immediately called her husband, Bill, who told her to call 911. The couple said officers who responded told them an ultralight aircraft smuggling marijuana from Mexico had probably let part of its load go early by accident before dropping the rest farther north


Maya is catching shit from friends for turning in the ganja, explaining that she could’ve profited from this mishap. Well Maya, let’s assume that there was originally 30 pounds of weed that fell from the clouds. You got a pissed off dog without a home, and you got some Mexican drug smugglers scoping out your neighborhood, the least you deserve is some weed.

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