24 Hour Booze Will Always Lead To Fighting At The Horseshoe

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No ifs, ands, or buts about it, having no restrictions on booze will lead to trouble. I don’t know if that’s what led to fisticuffs in this situation, but that doesn’t change the fact. Imagine the last hour at a bar during day light savings, zombies everywhere. You’ll see more throw up in that one  hour then you see all year. No time cap for your final sip, and the Horseshoe Casino turns into the wild west after 3 a.m.  This place was packed at 4 in morning, quite the scene. Wish I could have snagged a picture of the stumbling frat bro in USA shorts, double fisting some Corona’s.


  1. I have to say, i have been to Las Vegas 9 times. There are no restrictions on booze there in fact you can carry your cocktail outside and drink while you walk the strip. I have NEVER seen a fight break out in a casino in VEGAS EVER! I went to HHorseshoe for the very first time last night and a fight broke out right in front of me. Says a lot about our city and the thugs that live among us! #StayClassyBaltimore

  2. no limit on the alcohol at Maryland Live yet this isnt a regular occurrence there. There have been more fights at horseshoe just in a few weeks than there have been all year at MLC

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