200 Roosters And Chicks Have Been Seized From An Odenton Property, Due To Suspected Cockfighting

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On June 8th, 200 hundred Chickens were apprehended by animal control and the Humane Society of the United States, for an underground fight club in Odenton. Local law enforcement tended to the human cock,  Ethan Samuel Harmon, of Patuxent Road. It was believed that Odenton wasn’t having fights on the property, but raising an army of fighting chickens. The poor mans, ‘Tyler Durden” was charged with 18 counts of possession with intent to use a gaff on gamecocks, along with 67 counts of possession with intent to use a cock to fight other animals…

Over 200 roosters, hens and chicks have been removed from a property in Odenton. Detectives believe the birds were being bred for cockfighting. The investigation began in early May, when the Anne Arundel County Animal Control received a complaint about a location being used to house and/or fight roosters.

Harmon, the self proclaimed alpha cock was a nobody, according to one interviewed mother hen, “Harmon is just the putz that cleans up all the poop…He’s  a nobody.”  But seriously, fuck this guy. Is anyone else surprised to see that there is cockfighting in MD? I literally thought this only happens in third world countries, and a random Van Damme flick. They should tie Harmon to a tree, and let ol’ El Diablo have his way with his face. Cockfighting justice…


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