18-Year-Old Florida Woman Gets Arrested, Takes Dump In Cop Car

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18-year-old Katelyn Patricia Felegi of Largo, Florida came up with a spectacularly disgusting way to voice her displeasure with the police. Felegi was arrested on April 25th for breaking into and damaging her ex-boyfriend’s house. While Felegi was being driven to the slammer, she opted against pleading the fifth, and decided instead to drop a deuce. From The Huffington Post:

The deputy said Felegi intentionally removed her pants and pooped all over the police cruiser, WFTV.com reports. The poo-stained patrol car was out of commission for eight hours while inmates were forced to clean it up, according to the Associated Press. The total damage was estimated at around $100. Felegi has since been charged with criminal mischief, burglary and simple domestic assault, according to the Tampa Times.

I can’t believe they made the inmates clean it up. Don’t they have it bad enough having to worry about getting shanked and/or raped 24/7? Now they have to deal with crazy girl doody on top of it all. Crime really doesn’t pay. I wish they made Felegi clean it up herself because it must’ve been a truly awful mess in there if the car was out of comission for EIGHT hours. I’m thinking she must’ve consumed nothing but Buffalo wings, Mexican food, and cheap booze the night before, and was dealing with a brutal case of mud butt. While that’s the most likely scenario, it’s also possible that Felegi is a marvel of modern science, and the mass of her bowel movements would make a fucking dinosaur jealous.

via The Huffington Post & Tampa Bay Times

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