12-Year-Old Bad-Ass Steals School Bus, Gets Charged, Then Does It Again

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Florida twelve-year-old, Michael Propst is a straight-up baller. This criminal mastermind stole a school bus back in June, and drove it 14 miles to his local Wal-Mart. Everyone who’s anyone arrives to Wal-Mart in style, and little Mikey was no different. Store employees saw that he was not a very effective driver. A witness declared it looked “like he’d never drove one before.” No fucking shit.


Grand theft and criminal mischief are now going on Propst’s record. Bad ass, for a twelve year-old. When I was 12 I was making forts. This Wednesday morning, a day after appearing in court, this innovative tween returned to his old ways, and stole another school bus. This time, just taking it for a 55-mile joy ride. Police made note that it looked like his driving had improved since his last theft.

This kid is my new hero. He gives zero fucks about anything, and knows how to drive in style. No chance this kid’s a virgin. He probably slays more vag in a week than the common man does in a lifetime, and never calls the girls back. Respect, my man, respect.

Wal Mart Hazardous Waste

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