10,000 Miles Later, This Guy Completed His ‘Huey Lewis & The News’ Karaoke Journey

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This is priceless. Filmmaker, Michael Feld says he loves Huey Lewis & The News, so like any true fan, he traveled to every town mentioned in ‘The Heart Of Rock & Roll’ for some karaoke.

I really love Huey Lewis and the News. Last summer, while out doing karaoke (and singing Huey of course) I started thinking how great it would be to visit all the cities listed in the song. Why those places? What connected them to Huey Lewis? What rock & roll magic could be found in those disparate places? So I set out on a journey to make a music video where I’d travel to all 14 cities listed in the song, not only as a tribute to Huey Lewis but to prove that the heart of rock & roll is indeed still alive and beating.

10,484 miles on 11 planes. 636 miles on 4 trains. 962 miles in 5 rental cars.
All in the name of Huey Lewis & the News.

The second biggest Huey Lewis & The News fan

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