10 Years Later: Rangers 30, Orioles 3

Sports and Bets — August 22, 2017 at 12:28 pm by

Well believe it or not Orioles fans it’s been 10 years since one of the most embarrassing moments in Orioles franchise history.  On August 22, 2007 in the first game of a double header the Orioles had a 3-0 lead until all hell broke loose.  The Rangers unleashed an all out assault on our beloved Orioles scoring an astronomical 30 runs.  Even worse the Rangers did all their damage in just 4 innings!  Five runs in the 4th, nine runs in the 6th, TEN runs in the 8th and 6 more in the 9th.  A 30-3 scoreline in football is total domination, in baseball it’s hard to even put into words.  I’m also pretty sure that day was the same day they named Dave Trembley has their manager, took the interim tag off.  What a way to perform for your new manager.  We definitely have had our frustrating moments being Orioles fans but hopefully we wont ever have to see that again.  If you can stomach it, the “highlights” are below.

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