10 NFL Free Agents That Will Be Overpaid This Off Season

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It’s never to early to start looking towards the next football season.  With the crowning of the Super Bowl Champs comes the start of the new business year in the NFL.  Free agency is a huge event in the NFL offseason, and inevitably some players who saw their stock rise this season will be overpaid by their perspective suitors.  Teams desperate for an upgrade will shell out big buck and go over the going rate for established talent.  Here is a list of ten players I predict will be overpaid this year.
Josh McCown- QB:  This old goat was teaching gym when 2013 started and he made himself quite a chunk of change with his very solid performance in the absence of Jay Cutler.  But it will probably cost a team in excess of four million dollars to retain his services as a backup, and I’d rather sign depth at o-line and d-line.

MJD- RB:  I feel the ol’ bowling ball himself has some gas left in the tank, but I just wouldn’t pay to find out.  There are too many good young running backs floating around the league to pay someone like MJD big bucks.  Just ask Atlanta how the Steven Jackson experiment went.


Darren McFadden- RB:  DMC is still a playmaker, but he simply cannot stay healthy.  A team would be out of their mind to invest the five or six million per it will probably cost to obtain his services.



Rashard Mendenhall- RB:  Put bluntly, Mendehall is overrated!  His stats may indicate that he had a good year last season, but the truth is that he lost a ton of touches to younger, more dynamic players.  (AKA Andre Ellington)

Eric Decker- WR:  Don’t get me wrong, I like Decker and would love to see him wearing purple next year, but somebody is gonna over pay for a guy who is just a solid number two possession-type receiver.  If a team tries to make him a number one, they will be sorely disappointed.  Playing with Peyton is what made Eric Decker.

James Jones- WR:  This is another guy who will reap the rewards of the system he played in and who he played with as his quarterback.  That, coupled with the fact that he is already 30 years old, makes Jones a risk at a big contract number.

Jacoby Jones- WR:  Another guy at the dreaded 30-year-old mark.  Jacoby will be 30 next year and not worth what this past years of production will net him.  He’s a big play guy, but for 4 or 5 million bucks per, I’ll take my chances with younger and cheaper.

Jacoby Jones, Hail Mary, playoffs

Jordan Gross- OT:  Still a good tackle, but he’s probably better suited for the right side at this stage of his career.  If he gets left side money, he’s been overpaid.

Zane Beadles- G:  He may be the most recognizable name on Peyton Manning 2013 injury plagued line, but profootballfocus actually had him graded slightly below average this year.

Brian De La Puenta-C:  Had the benefit of playing between two pro bowl guards on Drew Brees’ line.  On his own, or surrounded by less on another team, he may not be as good.


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